Getto Tone playlist 16-9-98

Getto Tone was broadcast for almost 10 years weekly on wednesday 22:30-24:00 local time on the Amsterdam free radio station Radio 100 on FM 99,3 MHz in stereo. In a non-stop mix, Mickey V surveyed the week's releases. The last playlist is shown below.


Artist Title Label
DIE FORM savage logic parade amoureuse phoe 16 ('91)
JOEY BELTRAM energy flash transmat ms 16 ('90)
RAMIREZ la musica tremenda r&s 9204 ('92)
FINAL EXPOSURE vortex plus 8010 ('91)
MARUSHA rave channel low spirit 02151 ('92)
DEXTRO N.R.G. morella monotone 3 ('93)
STEVE BICKNELL lords of afford mix cosmic 3.5 ('94)
GREEN VELVET portamento tracks/
sometimes I want to leave...
relief 730 ('95)
HEIKO LAUX obsedian effects u turn 4 ('95)
MIKE DEARBORN birds on e djax up 218 ('95)
THE SUBJECTS dark matter re-load 972112
DUN galactic dialogue generator 9108
EXIT EEE I laugh no respect 26
ENERGY RAVER heaven seven frankfurt beat 901032 ('94)
CLINIQUE TEAM summer of love dome 62885 ('94)
RAVE LAB seeing is believing ltms 1
DAVID CRAIG the imaginnation runs wild telica 6 ('98)
EARTHQUAKE mango solid silver 8
STAR POWER nothing can save us/truelove mix stay up forever remix 1
D.O.M. acid war / liberatormix stay up forever remix 3
FAZER IV fatal generator 9121
APHEX TWIN tamphex r&s 9209 ('92)
PANASONIC murto blast first 128
ILSA GOLD silke 2 (süchtig) mainframe 10
NASENBLUTEN no more fucking soul industrial strength 30

This was the last broadcast. For the occasion, I selected 'best of 9 years of Getto Tone on Radio 100'. Thanks to everyone for the support and listening. Stay tuned to Radio 100! To contact me: