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Mickey V / Getto Tone played *live* on DFM Radio
Saturday February 24th at 21-22 h.

a marvellous one-hour mix of techno classics from  '92 - '98

the playlist can be found here

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Mickey V started to spin in 1982, when the good old disco sound was still around. He started playing in clubs and on the radio at the same time: it was the big time of pirate radio these days. In the clubs he learned beat-to-beat mixing, and soon he had his own (very small) pirate radio station. Pretty soon, he specialized in Electroinic Body Music, stuff like Front 242, Severed Heads, Anne Clark, Liaisons Dangereuses etc. Each week he compiled the Dance Chart, which he distributed free-of-charge through record stores; additionally, the chart was printed in several dance magazines. When Acid House came up, Mickey V was not excited: the bleeps missed the energy-driven bass-kick that he appreciated so much with EBM. Only when the sound developped into something harder: techno music, Mickey V surrendered. In the mean time, Mickey V had moved to Amsterdam, his weekly radio show Getto Tone was aired on the well-known pirate station Radio 100. The playlist from the last broadcast can be found here. In the summer of 1993, Outland's Pieter Hoovers offered him to set up 'Outland's Techno Basement' in the basement underneath the Outland Record Store. Did it, and together with Outland's House Department they were elected Best Dance Shop of the Netherlands in three out of four years. Soon after, Mickey V founded the 'Getto Trax' Label to release hard techno & acid and the hardcore label 'K9'. On top of it, Outland's Distribution distributed Germany's Discomania, Neuton, Music Mail, PCD, UK's Truelove and many more labels and catalogues, part of them exclusively for the Netherlands. Of course, Mickey V continued buying stocks for Outland's Techno Basement. Soon afterwards, he grew enthousiastic about Berlin, and he played almost all famous clubs of the new German capital: Matrix, Electric Ballroom @ SO 36, WMF and even a wednesday at world famous Tresor...and he was so-to-speak resident DJ at the legendary Snax Club, which took place in ever changing locations (see 'live-on-decks'). 1998 Mickey V finally moved to Berlin, worked at Space Hall Record Store for a short time and helped to build up Ost-Gut and Lab.oratory, which just reopened as Berghain. A survey of his gigs can be found here:  live on decks.
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